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Cosmic Forensics Research Group

Current Research Group

Dr. Carolyn A Crow

Assistant Professor

Carolyn's research focuses on understanding the evolution of planetary crusts through geochemical analyses of planetary samples. Part of her research also supports Nuclear Forensics projects that aim to understand the signatures of underground nuclear explosions and characterizing materials for the international monitoring system.


Jennifer Davis

Graduate Student
Department of Geological Sciences



Anthony Green

Undergraduate Student
Department of Geological Sciences

Anthony is testing the adsorptive properties of microporous materials for the application of gas collection in the international monitoring system. As part of his project, he has helped design and build a noble gas adsorption system that has brought a new analytical capability to CU.


Sean Pomeroy

Undergraduate Student
Dept. of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences

Sean is continuing our groups' effort to assess the thermal histories of planetary materials. As part of his research, he aims to create a web-based platform that can be used by all researchers to investigate the complex histories of these intriguing samples.


Cynthia Tong

Department of Geological Sciences

Cynthia is investigating the composition of trapped impact melts in zircons found in Apollo samples. The goal of this project is to better understand the impact histories of these ancient samples and nature of the original zircon source region.


Evan Tucker

Previous Undergraduate
Department of Geological Sciences

Evan developed a new program for thermal modeling of meteorite Ar-Ar data called OPTIMuM. For his senior thesis, Evan used OPTIMuM to thermal histories of three samples from the Moon, Mars, and an H-chondrite. The goal of this work is to better constrain the peak heating and impact conditions experienced by these bodies.

Evan is currently a PhD student and NASA FINESST fellow in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at CU Boulder.

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